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How Young Can A Baby Start Learning Martial Art

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Whenever we say ‘Wachaa...’ in front of Najiha, her spontaneous action would be kicking like a Kung Fu heroin and repeat after us the ‘Wachaa..’ word… yeah you go girl!

Facing the reality of the world outside our door makes me and my hubby thinks that Martial art would be one of the best defence in life we could give to our child, with the priority of Islamic practice. I would love to send my baby for a martial art class... Don’t know what type yet… Maybe Silat? (Like Ibu & Ummi) or Karate? (like Mama) or maybe Taek Wan Do (like nenek) (^0^) but at what age she could even start?

Google for info and this is what I’ve found about what age is best to start

Many people have opinions on when is the best age to start Martial Arts, but how young should someone start Martial Arts? This is often a topic of debate among many Martial Artists.
At age 3 to 4- Rarely does a student start before the age of 3. In fact, rarely do many students start in this age range. There was a time when it was believed that one had to start this early. This is when the body just begins to form and starting this soon will keep the body nimble and fearless.
In fact, many Wu Shu programs in China begin to recruit students as early as 3. The success of these children at this age though highly depends upon the child. Some children are exceptional. A criteria that many teachers look for in such young students is:
(a) the ability to stand skill for more than a few minutes at a time;
(b) the ability to follow simple instructions; and
(c) the ability to mimic what is shown to them.
Teachers don't expect a lot from students at this age but it is often a joy to see the young toddlers perform.When to start Martial Arts is truly an individual or parental decision. It's never too late to start, but sometimes it's too early. Understanding your child and the reasons you want to join Martial Arts is an important component to picking what is the right age for your young one to begin.

So Mommies would you send your little precious to any martial arts class?


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