Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Najihah and 'Baby Einstein'

Najihah is one of Baby Einstein's big fan, she can sit very nicely in front of the lappy while enjoying her Baby Einstein evening dose.

***Please try to ignore the gediks voice of the cameraman ya... Thanks


.. uR SisT.. said...

dya sbut ladybird ka tuu??

Mila_ibu najihah said...

My Sist-bukan sebut bug.. yg lain2 semua.. "baby" most fevret word

miss nina said...

music latar dari maksim la :)
ala najihah..sweet jer

Mila_ibu najihah said...

missnina-i tatau pula music tu dr nice kan..sapa jual cd baby einstein kat aku mmg bleh wat duit larr.. anak punya pasal.

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