Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Now its time for Mesut Kurtis to get into the light

Maher Zain is a well known nowadays, his songs are great! But recently after Imam Muda finale, I fell in love with one of the nasyeed that has been in the soundtrack. If you watch the finale and remember the part where Imam Muda Hizbur arrived at his hometown Baling, Kedah,  that's when this song that i'm going to present to you was played.

After asking here and there, I've found out that this song was sang by Mesut Kurtis and its called Burdah.

Read more about Mesut Kurtis here

Fun Facts: The song Never Forget by Maher Zain does feat Mesut Kurtis ^^


sz | m.s.s said...

sangatttt menenangkan :)

transformed housewife said...

penyanyi ni asal dr mana? sama dgn Maher Zain ke?

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