Thursday, May 13, 2010

I love your blog too…

Yesterday I got this award from ica (Ica's tales of mommyhood)..yippe!! (I still got another one which I haven’t acknowledges yet…sorry diyana...)

I would love to thank Ica for her appreciation upon my humble blog which is kalau disamakan dengan keluasan tanah..hanyalah sekangkang kera luasnya… tunduk sikit :)
I must say, Ica got the talent in writing, since she knows well on how to express her points and opinions… I just love her kind of many descriptive words to describe one point.
From the first time I landed on her blog... I just cannot stop reading her every post... loving it dear.

I would love to appreciate other blogger out there…Mommies or not for being such an inspiration to me. If this award wasn’t from Ica, I’ll absolutely pass it on to her.
But for now I want to pass this award to…

Love you guys…


Lynn Nasir said...

salam mila,

woot-woot!! dapek lg..tengkiyu cyg, muah! nnti lynn amik ek..thnks again..

Diyana said...

makaceh.makaceh.nnti diyana tepek kat blog

ICA said...

My dear...u make me blush..blush la.. Takpe kita keep on supporting eachother yaa... take care my friend :))

StingRay said...

da letak dah.thanx!=)

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