Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Have you ever been apart from your baby??

Have you? surely this question's referring to the 'being away for more than any mothers' acceptable limit'.

I've been through this phase for more than a month now..Thank God Technology created 3G where we can talk via video call.

Whenever I told people I've sent my Najiha to my mother (which is oversea..hehe..Sabah Bah) i can see the 'jaws down' expression..and they like 'Why? how can you deal with the baby away blues??" Trust me..i can never deal with it..it's killing me! but i have to for my Najihahs' sake :(

OK, the story is..me and my husband are being transferred from our office at HQ-Bangi to one of the Branch at Kemaman, Terengganu.. Since there's so many things to do..never exclude the days of packing things..ibu,ayah,najihah..mostly najihahs' things.

And in the mean time, I have to go for 5 days outstation at Bintulu..huhu.. and Ayah have to go to Kemaman to find a house for us to rent.

We've also found out that Najiha is allergic to germ aka 'hama' from all those birds and livestock her caretaker breed at the back of her house.(i will story more on that later on)..poor my baby..

You must be asking why can't my MIL take care of her..well, I cannot do that because she's got some health problem and by all means..sending my daughter to Sabah was the best decision we could make..and I really don't have that many options. Besides, my parents can spend time with najiha since we rarely 'balik Kampung'.

Now, we are at kemaman, settling down and looking forward to take najihah back to where she should belong.

I remember the first time I have to be away from my Najihah..She's just 8 months at that time..it was hard that i 3G ayah every 1 hour to check out my Najihah (waaaa... :( )


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