Monday, September 14, 2009

Tips For Working Mama

I'm sure there are many working mamas out there struggling to be balance at jobs and life as wife and mama...and I'm telling u...These mamas are the best life jugglers…

I would like to share some 'Do You Know' tips for a working mama who also cooks dishes for their family...Especially a first time mom...

1-Do you know that you can use the Kitchen scissors to clean up fish and chicken and cut vegetables instead of using knife?

2. Do you know that u can stock up all the frozen fish, chicken and seafood up to 2 weeks of using…This can save tons of your precious time!

3. Do you know that dividing your stock of frozen fish or chicken using zip lock plastic bag (or any kind of proper plastic bag) by day can save your time and save up space in your freezer? For example… if you will cook everyday in one week… there will be 7 zip lock plastic bag in the freezer

4. Do you know that if you could take sometimes (weekends maybe…) to prepare all your cooking ingredients you can do much faster cooking in the weekdays... For example; take sometimes to skinned onions and garlic enough for one or two weeks use, blend it and keep it in the fridge… easy to use anytime you want to... see…

5. Do you know that if you plan in advance your cooking menu for at least a week (maybe 2 weeks)... You can just go to the market and keep all the ingredients needed in the freezer...this is practical for mothers who always have to go to the grocery store to buy their cooking ingredients because they cannot decide what to cook earlier on.

Well mamas, I hope this few tips can help you in any way, I just want to share it and I hope WE all can share something here... :)


Lynn Nasir said...

no.1 and no.2 selalu i buat (and i didn't tell my mom)..hehe! em..ziplock dah abes, so pakai plastic container eskrem..selalu suka suruh org tesco siang all my fishes (balik umah terus bersihkan then marinate utk beberapa kali goreng/bakar). selalu buat leftovers from dinner as breakfast- nasi goreng selalunye :p

MaJoRiTy MaMa said...

napa tak bg tau mom? hehe.. bila bkerja ni..balik umah pn penat..the last thing u want to do is siang ikan or kupas bwg, tp nak wat camna kan, demi kluarga tchenta..hehe. sy pn suka minta siang trus ikan2 yg sy beli, espcially yg byk sisik.klu takde ziplock i beli je plastic 4segi mcm org jual kuih tu..pakai buang kan,so i guess sould be ok.

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