Thursday, October 29, 2009

Coping With Stress

As mama-miya mention on how she reward herself in her post , I just want to share my way of coping with my domestic stress and rewarding myself.

I will wake up early morning... much earlier than ayah and even najihah,
Open the sliding door and take a deep breath in the fresh morning air

Make myself a cup of hot coffee

And sit near the open sliding door..

sipping my favorite coffee..

Just sit there...doing nothing but listening to the birds chirping...

feeling the morning air...

Taking my time off and prepare myself for another adventure in my life.. :)


Anonymous said...

yup...that precious cup of coffee in the morning...surrounded by that serene morning ambiance...heaven....makes you stop & reflect..

MaJoRiTy MaMa said...

yaa..morning is my most favorite part of a day

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