Tuesday, October 13, 2009


I should do this posting earlier on, but I forgot where do I put the notes I made when there’s idea … hehe… (newbie la katakan..)

Last two weeks, for 2 days najiha had been showing fussiness that makes us scared and worried mixed up.

She will cry at most times unless she’s sleeping or did find something to play with that can really drift her far away forgetting that she’s actually in the middle of a cry

We checked her body and found out that she got some red spots under her feet...And a few blisters on her tongue...poor my najiha...she must be in real pain!! Thank God she hasn’t got fever... but she refused milk and refused to eat… even though she got the appetite.. kesian kan..

Immediately we took her to the clinics... (FYI we don’t get to see private pediatrician here in Kemaman… ) the doctor said that her skin is sensitive and this is not the hand, foot and mouth disease (some called hoof and mouth disease) because she has no fever...but the next day najihah fussiness got worst… and I have to ‘emergency ly leave’ to give attention she needs... baby cannot say what got her discomfort right? We also noticed that she's drooling, maybe this is because of the blisters on her tounge

I gave najiha medication for her fever and wet her hair using the water mixed with hibiscus tree leaves (to cool down…) and it works! I also used this one supplement ‘4L**e’ which contain cow colostrums’ and egg yolk. I put a capsule into her milk and mixed one capsule with a little water and rub it on her sole.. in just ONE day najihah is getting better and until today we still not sure if that is Hoof and Mouth disease or not, because the very next day najihah gain all her appetite again and our life is getting back to normal..Alhamdulillah..even the blister has faded too..

Here are some information from Dr.Sear regarding hoof and mouth disease.. note that najihah have most of the symptoms, but maybe it's the unserious viruses

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