Thursday, October 15, 2009

Our Family Home Garden

We try to practice home gardening and last weekend’s we go to a nursery nearby and buy some cute plastic pot and some vegetables seed, some brinjals, chilies, mustard (sawi).. And just to let you all know we only plant veggies that my hubby like...hehe…

We also plant some kang kong and daun kesum so that we can make bubur lambok anytime we want.

Yesterday we found out the ‘sawi’ had grown their little tiny cute and they grow fast in just one day…

These are ‘sawi’/mustard after 2 days

Our little home garden in pots

Najiha posing nearby our home garden in pots

We want to make this home garden as our family activity , not only will save us some grocery money but also helps to build up najiha's sense of responsibility, caring and level up her curiosity about nature.


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