Tuesday, November 10, 2009

najihah and her favorite copy

Najihah really love this book, she’s never tired of listening to me reading her this book over and over again.

She sleep with this book, she ‘eats’ this book and travel with it.

So I conclude there are four most important things to fulfill when buying books for najihah;

1- The book must be a board books… note that the book has lost a few limbs
2- The story must be short and simple but full with sound effect… referring to the story teller
3- The book must have a real picture …easy for her to recognize the real miow whenever she sees one
4- The book must have CAT images... yeah...cat is her favorite pet


Drama Mama said...

eh this book sangat la menarik! irfan suka animals,so kalau nak beli buku mesti nak beli yang animals. and yes like u i've learnt my lesson,nak beli buku kena beli yang board, sebab dia kasar so kejap ja koyak kalau paperback style tu. tsk tsk

MaJoRiTy MaMa said...

betul tu mama irfan,mmg menarik. Buku ni sy beli kat MPH alamanda. ada dua citer je..satu kittens and satu lg puppy. so if ada sesiaper yg jumpa versi baby animal yg lain plz la bg tau..huhu..

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