Wednesday, November 11, 2009

DIY Cloth Diaper?

Nowadays, cloth diaper or ‘CD’ is getting more and more popular among mothers. I myself am still trying to fully cloth diapering najihah, for the sake of her health and our pocket health (^o^)

Right now I’ve only got 5 CDs and waiting for a budget to add up another 5 … tak mau main kutu, tak sabar nak tunggu turn

Obviously there are so many mom blogger out there reviewing on the benefits of using CD over DD (disposable diapers), so this is from my point of view;

1-CD helps us save around RM40/month… RM40x12 month= rm480 (Target > rm80/month)
2-CD helps us reduce our trash… hence helps the earth… (^o^)
3- Washing CD gives me and najihah a fun time together... mandi manda sambil basuh CD sama-sama, najihah really is a good ‘helper’

But referring to my post tittle, this is a little different,

Last night I’ve found this very interesting DIY site. Mommies out there with sewing skills, have you ever wondered that we can sew our baby own pocket CD? It’s possible.

This is just to share; the sewed one might not be as good as the industrial manufactured one, but still we could make it as extra especially during rainy seasons kan..

But to mothers with very minimum budget who still wants to cloth diapering their child, this might be it! this is one of the example whereby i think this DIY CD is very cute and most importantly could cater our own personel preferences.. in terms of size,patern and colour.

as for me... hehehe.. (tuan kedai.. i nak beli 5 of your CD key..i tak ada mesin jahit la...)


Lynn Nasir said...

would u buy mine? hahaa...

Lynn Nasir said...

these sites are all my guru:

MaJoRiTy MaMa said...

Lynn..thanks for sharing, btw...bila nak mula buka kedai MY DIY CD..mana tau ada possibble buyers..hehe..

Lynn Nasir said...

Sebenarnye, tgh wat prototype la ni. Mangsanye ialah anak kawan kat KL nun. Tp disebabkan anaknye size xxl, maka terpaksa tunggu mak dia pos pampers supaya tak tersalah ukur. kira custom made la (^o^)

kalau nak buka kedai, kena test material mcm2 jenis dulu. kat malaysia kan takde kain yg cangih2 tu. sy pernah order exact materal (pul and fleece)thru local e-store, satu CD size medium akan berharga sekitar rm 70. mahal kan?

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