Sunday, December 6, 2009

Lepak Station

This is najihah latest lepak station; we just bought this chair last Friday for RM 49.00, fixed price, bargaining is no use… even though I’ve tried (I don’t know if this price is cheap or not).

Actually we pass this furniture store everyday on our way back home. Everyday my heart keeps saying that the chair is cute and I want it! (for najihah of course).

So, finally…we bought it. The chair is comfortable, stable and worth the money for me.

Najihah really likes this chair, she wouldn’t let anyone to sit on it.

This is where she would tonggang terbalik watching her nursery rhymes cd.

This is where she eats her treats.

This is where she would read her books.

Rest assured that this chair would not be another place for her to perform her acrobatic moves since she loves to climb chairs and stairs.


Lynn Nasir said...

hamboii...bukan main si kenit tu ye, ada kerusi khas (^o^)//

takpe asalkan tak ada aksi superman/spiderman pasni dah lee..

umi_e said...

salam... seronoknya najiha dapat kerusi baru :)

* auntie e nak numpang duduk boleh tak? :D

Mila_ibu najihah said...

Lynn- najihah kena ada kerusi khas, sbb kalu tak dia suka berdiri muka dekat sgt dgn TV, jadi beli la kerusi takdela rabun kang anak dara ku itu.

umi_e- boleh nak cuba2 tumpang..ibu n ayah dia pn slalu cuba2 tumpang, kalau dia tak perasan xpe, bila dia da prasan mjerit2 dia tarik baju kita..hehe..

miss nina said...

cute je kerusi tu, najihah pun tenggelam :)

Mila_ibu najihah said...

m.nina-mmg tenggelam,tp selesa..cik najiha ni teramatlah aktif,kerusi ni boleh mengurangkan risiko..ehehe..

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