Sunday, December 6, 2009

Najihah at the zoo

Last week on our way back to Kemaman after celebrating Aidil Adha at KL, we decided to visit the National Zoo.

I’m the one who’s kept asking my hubby to take us to the zoo, with hope that we can show najihah the real animal itself as what she always see in her animal board book.

We arrive there around 12 p.m., luckily because of this rainy season the day is a bit cloudy (not yet raining).

Najihah seems so astonished by the entire moving creatures she saw. I kept recalling back her memory about all the animals she saw in her books.

‘Najihah..that’s monkey..remember?’

‘Najihah… baby Hippo..cute kan..”

“Najihah.. tu giraffe.. ziiiraafah..”

“Najihah…tu elephant…see.. gaaajaah..”

So tired la become an unqualified tour guide.

But I think the visit was worth it, because I can see that najihah was excited and curious, somewhat scared to see big animals like elephant and giraffe closely.

The funny thing is, she kept twitching her fingers like calling the chicks/anak ayam...siap dengan bunyi-bunyi lagi dan bibir yang dimuncungkan. Even when she saw the big Hippo she did the same thing.

We finished the sightseeing at around 2.30 P.M and continue our journey to Kemaman. Najihah was so tired, she sleep right after she saw the cute baby hyppo... that is our last station. i bet she dreamt about the animals she just saw.

Here are a few pictures of Najihah during the tour
tweet..tweet..Hi Mr.Giraffe

peace... (seems like the mom yg posing lebih-lebih)

A cute baby Hippo who finanally came out of the pond

last but not least..

okay mom...i tried to smile a bit (anak dara ku dah mengantuk sangat..)


Lynn Nasir said...

hehehe..najihah mesti kepanasan dan kepenatan.
our family plak dok ngidam nak pi zoo taiping. nak tunggu adik dah pandai jalan la dulu, baru best (^o^)//

Mila_ibu najihah said...

oo..mmg seronok but penat pi zoo dgn anak ni, najiha hirup air botol dia sampai abis separuh botol,dahaga enjoy.
btw,kat kemaman ni pun ada mini zoo, 15 min je dari umah kan..

miss nina said...

najihah makin cute, that trip must be worth it sbb mummy mila yang jadi tour guide :)

Mila_ibu najihah said...

m.nina-tima acih.alahai, skali skala wat part time cikgu taska apa salahnya kan..nngee..

miSz iNtaN s said...

jiha makin cute larr...
same as her ibu!!
hehe.. bukan cute.. tp gebu!!!

Mila_ibu najihah said...

Cik Intan- hadoilah... org kemaman byk sgt makan nasi dagang nih..

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