Monday, February 22, 2010

Can anybody please share

Najihah should be given the 18 months jab of DTP and OPV dose on the 26th of January. But unluckily I have to go for a one week course at KL and at that same moment najihah got the Chicken Pox. So the nurse advised me to take najihah for a jab anytime after she heals.

I took a leave last week and went to the clinic with najihah. I was told that najihah was not in a very good condition, she still look a bit weak (this maybe caused by a diarrhea that she had). So she didn’t get the jab yet.

This week she’s on top of the world, healthy and active as always, so I took her to the clinic for that 18 months jab at the age of 19 months!. Again, the nurse said that najihah had a fever, because she saw najihah lips are red-der and her body temperature (thermometer applies at the armpit) is 37 degrees. I’m shock, since najihah seems comfortable, and I don’t think 37 degrees is fever around her age (advice please..)

I don’t want to push it to the edge, since the nurse already said that this 18 months old jab can cause fever and if she’s already feverish it may cause seizure... surely no moms would wants that to happen.

So, the question is, does it really can cause fever, I mean is it a MUST? Mommies, please do share with me.TQ


Lynn Nasir said...


DENGARLAH PENDAPAT YANG PAKAR :) nurse tu tau keje dia kan. auni & muaz pernah demam sekali (tp jenis jab b'beza). so, mmg la boleh demam after jab.

mandikan najihah sekerap yg mungkin jika panas bdn dia or tuam ngan towel basah seluruh badan terutamanya kepala. mkn ubat ikut time, bagi minum air masak sejuk. kalau dia suka, bg potongan limau biar dia isap jus tu. jgn biarkan dia letih, terus tidokan kalau nmpk dia ngantuk. tutup tv n all disturbing stuffs.

itulah yg lynn buat pd anak lynn sebelum jumpa doktor utk pengesahan demam. biasanya mmg ada syrup paracetamol dan pelekat sejuk kat dahi tu (apa ntah namanya) dlm fridge utk kecemasan. lynn takde lesen, so..kena amik la tindakan awal sendiri b4 papa blk bwk pi klinik.

temp. housewife said...

if she's down with chicken pox, it's better to wait until she's okay.

Mila_ibu najihah said...

Lynn-ya..ku mendengar :) tp tula najihah ni duk nursery, mudah sgt tjangkit flu n being feverish.lg pun kemaman ni panas banget. arini da pi da klinik lg, najihah x feverish da, tp nurse nk jab bulan depan gak,dia nk najiha fully recovered dr chic pox dia tu.btw, 18months jab bleh tangguh at least b4 2yr old.

temp h/wife- akak, will do..thanks :)

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