Saturday, February 20, 2010

My First Precious Parcel for 2010

Just so you know, this entry is a late post. I’ve been kind of busy lately.

It has arrived, my first happy happy parcel for this year. To Pn.Lynn, thank you so much for your very good service. One satisfied customer.

The parcel consist of one Rita’s Rump Pocket CD, handmade by Pn.Lynn. I haven’t give it a try yet because Najihah got a diarrhea for almost one week recently and I don’t want to spoil the moment of officiating this CD… ;) I had an entry about DIY Cloth diaper before and now that DIY CD is mine! You can read about it here

I personally like her handwork and she’s kind enough to sew a Velcro to that CD, since my najihah can’t stand the waiting...even nak pakai baju pun berguling2. It's so nice and I cannot wait to see my baby wearing it. (update: najiha dah pakai today, the CD fits her very nicely and she's being active as always, the absorption is very good, no leakage at all after around 5 hours of wearing.. (^_^))

To any mommy who wants to try this handmade CD, please do visit her blog.

The outer layer, pinkish for a princess

The inner layer, purple checkers and a soft micro-cotton soaker (lynn, did i mention this right?hehe)

Finallly, the diaper cover with a moo moo on it ho..ho..


Lynn Nasir said...


yuhuuu..hehe, finally! i've been waiting to read this (^o^)//

i thot the CD is not ok for ur najihah. but, alhamdulillah..5 hrs??? wow! :p that is longgg..

Lynn Nasir said...

did u happened to have anything with "najihahcollection"?

Mila_ibu najihah said... good la you...hehehehe...

btw, najihah pakai CD tu dari kul 10am sampai kul 3 gitu, itupun sbb sy baru tringat dia tak tukar CD lagi, over excited 1st time p telok chempedak.. :)

Lynn Nasir said...

hahaha..sampai hati mak najihah ni tau, baik2 jgn lupa lg. kesian najihah :)

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