Monday, February 1, 2010

Poor My CDs

Last night i washed 7 of najihah's soiled CD, and yess.. I'm using washing machine like any other day and like most mommy do.

But last night was a bit different… I'm not aware that that our water supplies were not as clean and clear as always, when I say not clear I mean the heavily ‘keladak’ and ‘keroh’ water supplies.

Actually, aware is not the right word, i know the evening before that water supplies were keroh at the sink, but it was ok in the morning-at the sink, and what did it done to najihah Cds??.. each one of it, the insert the CD itself, including the White coloured (putih mulus lagi) one looks like its been washed with mud, not exactly the PUL material but the flannel material inside was history.

I tried putting a little soda bicarbonate and vinegar- no improvement in looks.

Can any mommies help me on how to get rid of that muddy looks and if by any chance will this muddy looks be clean? will the inserts' absortion be like always? many Q!

p/s: no usb cable - no photos - sorry


Lynn Nasir said...


lynn pernah jadi mcm ni, infact skang ni tgh terjadi pun. so, mula2 try rendam ngan air panas. kalo tak jalan, terpaksa guna bleach sket diikuti banyak kali bilasan.

try la other nappy detergent brand ke, yg disuggest ok oleh other mommy.

p/s: u will not be surprise by the bleach idea bcos i read thru a forum..haha! try la google-ing.

Anonymous said...

i think the 1st thing should do, let the sun eat it 1st. its just something about the ray mmg boleh help with stains. then cuci sekali lg dgn air panas & detergent.

we all dulu slalu kena stains gitu, mmg lepas 2-3kali wash, baru back to normal. tu pun dgn bantuan vanish. hampeh tul water supply msia, harapkan condo berwaterfilter..still dpt air kotor gak..

tini said...

salam kensl.. im new here :)
i x sure dlm kes cd, tp kl baju, 1ce dah kn stain keladak n biar kering bwh matahari, d stain remain. mb u can try nappy clean kl hasitating to bleach sbb nappy clean pun kuat gak power dia. wish u !luck

Mila_ibu najihah said...

Lynn- nnti nak cuba pakai vanish la, yg tu cm tak kuat sgt dia nye acidity tu, thanks for your info dear

mama miya- yup.. nnti nak jemur bawah matahari lak, kalau da basuh waktu malam tu konfom letak bawah kipas ja.. :) Thanks so much yaa.. tu la kan..menci je rasa tetiba air jd keroh gitu.

Tini- Thanks for visiting, sy da pi blog awak..nice taww.. btw, thanks for the info. rite now sy basuh cd guna Pureen HAD.

Diyana Zulkifli said...

try guna varnish..boley ilang rsnye..:)

miss nina said...

nak bagi idea guna varnish, as mentioned above :)

Lynn Nasir said...


lynn suggested bleach as a final result, which has worked for me. u can checkout my entry about it. varnish didn't do the magic..atleast for me.

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