Sunday, January 31, 2010

After a week ++

Hello mommies,

it’s been a while since my last post. I was in KL for 1 whole week of intensive training for searching and securing orphan source... Really pack, i don't even have time to view my bloggy :)

After about 1 week, najihah's 'chicky pox' is getting better, still got few dots here and there, but so much better that the first 3 days. I felt like crying when i bath her, because i know she's still don't understand about her skin condition. Anyhow, she continues on watching and laughing at her own face in front of the mirror, making funny faces to herself like usual… happy as babies always are. Such a strong girl! She don’t cry and get restless so much as I expected, and that is such a relief since I can’t attend to her needs last week because of the course that I’m attending (yeah…my hubby took care of that little precious of us).

Thanks a lot to all my friends who gave info and tips, online or offline. Doctor gave us calamine cream to use on najihah, to lessen the itchiness, but my hubby found and bought this ‘Hurix Calamine Lotion’ and lotion type is so much easier and friendlier to use. It cuts like 70% of my time when using cream type.

We’ve also manage to find the ‘daun semambu’ from Kak Long who was najihah’s caretaker before.

Other tips that I've got regarding tips on 'chicken pox';
i- Use the’ air rebusan daun semambu’ for a bath
ii- Use the ‘daun semambu’ to cover up the place where our child sleep
iii-Use pound rice to scrub the body so there will be no scar afterwards or otherwise use oats.
iv-Just use bio oil or any vitamin E lotion to helps the skins to heal faster.


Lynn Nasir said...

salam mila,

semoga najihah cepat sembuh..jgn lupa bagi minum air kelapa sket.

so, skang dah bleh rileks la kat umah ye? :)

Mila_ibu najihah said...

wsalam lynn,

thanks a lot ya

skrg kena gi keroje ..bestnyer klu bleh rileks kat umah..uhuks..

miss nina said...

penat g training masih terasa. nasib baik ada weekend utk cover penat.hahaha...lega

Mila_ibu najihah said...

ohh cik nina.. ku balik kemaman on saturday, sunday suda keja loh...sian kan kat sy.uhuk..

Anonymous said...

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