Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Call For Nanny 911 anyone?

I must say Nanny 911 is a great show for parents to learn something about general parenting. I salute family who was willing to open up the door of their house for the world to view. At the beginning of the show we can see lots of tantrums, hitting, quarrelling, whining, crankiness… you name it, but in the end most problems are solved (it's also the watery eyes part..uhuks..)

I never watch the full version of the show before, but after Little Mama Diary post about it in her blog. I started going through the Youtube, and I felt in love. More or less I can learn how to handle a cranky child and I can also see bits of me in mommies in the show- I must admit sometimes things are out of our control 'cos nobody is perfect.

I loved the episodes of the Finck family; where they learn that communications in family are essential.

You can watch it here.

Watch the show and tell me what you think mommies
By the way, nanny Deb is my favourite.


Lynn Nasir said...

salam mila,

saya pun tgk nearly every week nanny 911 ni. sgt best! ilmu free je (just bayo bil letrik) :p

Confession of a Coffeeholic Mama-Miya said...

eversince all msian moms dok hype up pasal nanny 911, terus i follow it on youtube. cian i kat sini takde tv show gitu.

Diyana Zulkifli said...

hmm,menarik la..kang blk keje,nak surf la.tenkiu for sharing..;)

Mila_ibu najihah said...

Lynn- Wsalam,Lynn, sy pehni akan polow la evry wik gak. bila ada astro asek tengok 703 or 711 je..ntv7 bo layan..alih2 tlepas precious tvshow camni.

Mama-Miya-Cian kat mama miya.. takpa.. sib baik YouTube itu universal.. :)

Mama Damia- u r welcome :) Caring maa..hehe..

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