Friday, May 14, 2010

Cake boss… you’re the boss!

Has any mommy watch this one TV show called Cake Boss? It’s actually a reality show about Mr.Bartolo ‘Buddy’ Valasctro who runs a bake shop at New Jersey. The main attraction in this show (besides all the drama) is the cakes that he and his family create.

Ohh... I love the show because I love to watch all the beautiful and breathtaking cakes creation of Buddy Valastro and the gang. Whenever they’re in charge, they’ll never disappoint their customer.

One of my most favourite episodes is about a bride-to-be who’s displeased of buddy’s creation of her wedding cake, which I’d say more of the mother of the bride-to-be 's  taste since she’s there during the initial discussion on the concept for the wedding cake.

But the drama is, the cake is already done a day before the wedding. The bride-to-be came to the bake shop to see her wedding cake, which is this..

 credit to google
She does’t like it...and look what she had rudely done to it…and yes...the wedding is the next day

If say that this is one of your masterpiece...Wouldn’t you be angry? (I masih boleh jual dgn orang lain maa...kalau you tak rosakkan)

The other family member of buddy who’s busy of finishing another masterpiece cake which is a big yellow aeroplane replica gets angry too and did advice buddy to just send ‘the ruined cake’ to the bride-zilla’s wedding. But instead, buddy takes her challenge and work overnight to finish another cake.

Turns out the ruined cake did give inspiration to the new cake...and the superb final creation is this.. ohh I’m so in love with this.. bestnyer kalau pandai buat kek canggih2 ni.

The bride or so called bride-zilla love it!

The happy Ending that we all love (^_^)

And here’s Mr. buddy at the wedding ceremony


Lynn Nasir said...

yes, i watched them. an inspiration to me also ^^

miss nina said...

so yummy:)
~bila dapat bake macam ni ye?

Mila_ibu najihah said...

lynn-sy takde bakat wat cake canggih2 ni, takat kek setingkat je la..hehe..nak hias pun tak masuk kelas lagi.adoila..i just adore their creativity and 4 u.

missnina- yummy..yummy..meh kita pi kelas kek bsama2 boleh la bake n hias cake :)

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