Sunday, May 16, 2010

Montessori Learning At Home

Mommies, anyone had ever adopt method like this mother had done? Did it work? I think montessori learning at home (like the way this mother had done) is unique and fun.

In my case,  Najihah likes to pull out everything from the kitchen cabinet. I've tried the kitchen cabinet  filled up for your little toddler method, but it's not working.

So,if I'm not in the mood, I just  keep on stopping doing my chores whenever she's  bored so i could entertain her needs and saved her ear from hearing my suara sumbang berleter.

If I'm in the mood, I'll just let her go and porak perandakan the kitchen.. but in the meantime I'll teach her things.. for example if she pull out groceries from the bag, i'll take the oppoturnity to talk and teach her about what she hold.

Learning is fun if we just utilised everything around us.
Please watch the effort of this young mom to homeschool her child in montessary concept.


Lynn Nasir said...


yelah mila..saya pun selalu try utk tak lupa adapt montessori learning kat umah. tp biasa la, tak istiqomah pun :D rajin gak tgk ikut youtube. dulu pernah keje jap kat tadika yg ada concept ni. sempat la belajo sket2.

skang ni tgh suka usha video ttg children yg ada autism. kesian sgt..rasa respek kat their mommies..

Confession of a Coffeeholic Mama-Miya said...

montessori learning ni boleh aje guna daily activities cam mengemas, setting a meal & decision makings.

I gave Miya a "locker". Its actually small compartment kat meja study i. so she keeps all her plastic toys in them, along with some stuff she declair as hers. :D so kalau brg kita hilang, should check her locker 1st. sometimes dia take out everything, then simpan balik. ala2 spring clean gitu. hahahha.. (i dok kata dia ikut tokma dia yg kuat mengemas)

kat situ gak dia simpan set mainan masak2 dia. kalau i kata siap meja, its lunch/dinner time. dia akan cepat2 kluarkan cup & plate (mainan) dia & serve atas meja. kalau dia dahaga pun dia akan take out the cup & bwk dtg kat i, minta isi air.

then i've been sejak dekat2 nak 2thn ni, i let her choose whatever she want to wear after mandi. buff up her self confidence & teach fashion skills :P

so far, i rasa tu aje la yg i bleh buat kat rumah ni.

Mila_ibu najihah said...

lynn, wsalam, tang Istiqamah tulah yg kena usaha lebih skit ye. gak da pernah jadik cikgu sek montessari..boleh la share ilmu :)

mamamiya-betul la montessari ni lebih kepada teaching the toddler to make their own wise decision. at 2 years kan toddler da mula rsa yg diorg tu da besar. mcm najihah pun got to choose which snack she wants. tang baju tu tak try lagi..nanti nak try mesti seronok.

tima kasih 4 sharing gurls..

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