Saturday, July 17, 2010

Can't believe it was 2 years ago?

Today, 17th of July, exactly two years ago Najihah was born. I can still remember how I cried when nurses first showed her to me after the labour (story here) teresak-esak I nangis tau
Listening to her first voice… was by far The most touching moment of my life as a mother (besides listening to to her first time calling me 'ibu').

Najihah darling,
Today is your second birthday my dear, Ibu always pray to ALLAH for your wellness and happiness and ibu will never stop pray for your success in life and the hereafter

ada ke patut letak gambar kek masa umur setahun??hehe...
nampak tak how they cincai-ly done the writing..huhu
to be continued.....


Lynn Nasir said...

happy birthday najihah!!! kak auni ajak mkn eskrem tu :D

semoga panjang umur najihah, ceria dan bahagia selalu..sihat dan jadi anak solehah. senang2 nnti jalan la ke perak ni, leh gi na-man (taman) ngan kak auni & adik muaz :D

mila.ibunajihah said...

Tima kasih Lynn,

nnti kalau ada rezeki cuti2 malaysia , bleh la pi perak, bleh najihah ajak kak auni n muaz pi makan eskrem

fndrocka said...

alaa...ini macam pun boleh main sambungan ke...make sure sambungannya ada gambar najihah banyak2

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