Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Satu tahun sudah!

Today marks up a year of my blogging career..eceh.. even though there's still so many things to learn, I felt satisfied and happy that I can be 'Istiqamah' in this blogging activity. You see I'm kinda easy bored kinda person. I love variations, new things and new info. But in blogging world it's all there!

In one year I manage to make friends with many people around Malaysia..It's a friendly network! being so closed in heart, sharing most thing we want to share and knowing each other, but the fact is We've Never Even Met.I love being a blogger (^__^)

 To Majoritymama.. Happy 1 Year Old Anniversary.

To all my friends/reader/follower who comes here, each and everyday.. I Love You All! THANKS A LOT!


transformed housewife said...

dah sthn ye. SElamat Hari Raya. Maaf zahir batin.

Lynn Nasir said...


Mila! congrats..hehe ^^ selamat menyambut aidil fitri. maaf ye jika ada tersentuh kat mana2..

blogger friends rawks!

Nur Misnan said...

tahniah n happey belated besday...
semoga sentiasa ceria dan boleh le kita kongsi2 lagi cerita.. =)

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