Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Co-sleeper or crib-sleeper?

Isn’t this nursery a piece of art? I would love to have this colour even for the master bedroom.

During my early pregnancy, I never have a thought about where would my baby sleep, I’m too busy thinking about what should she wear, how to breastfeed her, what type of diaper she should wear (now its cloth diaper, although not 100 % yet), where to give birth and everything that’s necessary.

But we do buy a crib for her after one of my friend told me that it’s easy to handle baby when they use to be in a crib (this never have been prove 100 %).

So for me, I think I’ll go for crib-sleeper, because najihah sleeps in her crib since she was a newborn. During my confinement, the crib had made part of my routine easy. I can do other chores without being afraid that najihah will fell of the bed and I can use the crib as my changing table too! (this only works when the mattress level is the highest). During her tantrums period, I would place her in her crib so that she would not injured herself (when Najihah cry, she doesn’t care where she should fling her body).

Even when najihah sleeps in her crib, the crib would be put just at my arms reach so closeness and bonding are not an issue .Once in a while najihah do co-sleep with us on the bed.
So mommy, would you share with me your sleep time with your precious?

Najihah - 7 months


Lynn Nasir said...

sy ada beli crib, tapi dah jadi tempat letak mainan anakku..dia tak mau dok situ..wawaaa...

Mila_ibu najihah said...

laa..takpela baby bleh train balik...*wink**wink*
bila ada baby crib, mudah nak train anak kita tido dlm bilik dia sorg2 nnti.

Anonymous said...

miya used to sleep in her own cot. tp sejak dah besar ni nak tido bwh ketiak we all aje. kalau tido dlm cot, skit2 terjaga. pastu sejak dia terrer berjalan & memanjat, tgh malam dia sendiri climb tido celah we all.

susah2 we all bwk the cot along with us dulu, now dah bungkus. simpan utk adik aje la nnt.

Drama Mama said...

my boy is a crib sleeper too. once in a while he'll climb out of it to be with us, but he prefers to sleep in his own bed lah. heee. lega...kalau tak sempit benar, he'll usually kick his dad out of the bed whenever he sleeps with us hahaha

Mila_ibu najihah said...

mama miya- najihah pn suka ngelat da lately, slalu ajak kitorang tido dpn tv secara berjemaah.

D'mama- najihah pandai panjat masuk cot sdr (itupun if slider tu tbuka)-nak panjat kluar sdr tak mahir lagi..hehe.

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