Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Flooding our landfill with DD?

Today while blog hopping I’ve found another interesting story about the beauty of using Cloth Diaper, this story was based on one mom’s experienced while working on a Solid Waste Management project at Jinjang landfill back in year 2000.

They’ve found out that baby’s disposable diapers and women’s disposable pad are one of the top wastes found in landfills, besides foods wastes. This mountain of disposable thingy can lead to ground water contamination, bad odour and it takes around 500 years to decompose. But the most unpleasant thing to know is that the landfill worker (mostly men) will separate all the wastes everyday and the scenery of all the dispos is normal for them ! (okay..i’m focusing on the pads now)

After I read the entry I was thinking, what kind of environment we would inherit to our children in the future? Wahh… really hard to imagine! I hope technology could help us fix this problem.

While our scientist work on that, I try to lessen up my mess by wear up my najihah with cloth diaper, I can’t wait for the new CD’s I’ve bought for najihah Buy 5 free 1 (Aidiladha sale), thought of putting the link, but the sale has ended.

I’m also surfing for online cloth pads, like the one Pn Lynn ‘Do It Herself’... a hardworking mommy. Even when I use the disposable pad, I still wash it up first before I trash it (ini kes takut hantu kat asrama dulu), so why don't I just use the reusable one?

So,What can you all do?


Lynn Nasir said...

sy boring tul kalo 'terbeli' pad yg akan kembang gel dia bila dibasuh..satu keje plak nak kena picit kuar semer gel tu. kalo tak, idak le dia bersihhh...tu yg berkobar2 nak pakai CP nie..ahaks!

Mila_ibu najihah said...

sama la lynn..that's y smpai skrg sy pakai satu brand tu je..but now..hingat nak beli CP gak ni..

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