Sunday, November 15, 2009

amniotic fluid leakage

I meant to search for info about why do I have to go on labor as early as 37 weeks, but I totally forgot since I’ve been busy with life (yeah..lame excuse…)

I was induced because doctor had found out that my amniotic fluid was leaking after I complaint that my baby hasn’t kicking for 24 hours.

I was detained at the ward on Monday afternoon, checked by specialist doctor on Tuesday morning, induced by Wednesday, waiting for labor all night long in contraction pain and by Thursday 7.38 AM, my najihah was born.

Even though I didn’t get the chance to have a normal labor experience like what I’ve imagine-pecah air ketuban-screaming for hubby-getting to the car and rush to the hospital-it’s still ok caused I felt blessed when I heard najihah crying out loud the moment she was born.

I wonder why such a strong amniotic sac could rupture, thus leaks the amniotic fluids, from what I’ve found there are times, when the amniotic sac may develop a tear or may rupture causing the amniotic fluid to leak before term. When this occurs 37 – 38 weeks before term, it is referred to as ‘Premature Rupture of Membrane’ or PROM.

When either of these cases occurs, the fluid may just gush out or may just leak out in a continuous trickle like a discharge. This is when I realize that I do have continuous trickle of colorless discharge, but I thought… tak kan lah air ketuban pecah, sikit sangat..

When the premature rupture of amniotic sac occurs, it is necessary to determine the cause of the leaking amniotic fluid. Normally, the leaking is caused by a bacterial infection or by a defect in the structure of the amniotic sac or the uterus or the cervix. The mother-to-be is advised not to douche or have intercourse when the water breaks.This leakage may lead to further complications for the growth of the fetus, as it may hamper the growth of the fetus and may cause bacterial infection to spread from the vagina to the uterus and consequently to the fetus.Sometimes when there is a small tear in the amniotic sac, it may heal itself over a period of time and the leaking may simply stop of its own accord.

However, if the leaking amniotic fluid is a result of a severe rupture of the membranes of the amniotic sac, then labor may begin within 48 hours. When this happens, the mother-to-be must receive treatment in order to avoid causing an infection to the fetus.Often what is thought of as leaking amniotic fluid can just turn out to be the urine. Therefore, in such cases, the mother-to-be must ascertain if the fluid is urine or not. It is advised to wear a sanitary napkin and observe the color of the liquid. The amniotic fluid is colorless. The mother-to-be must never use a tampon during pregnancy.If the leaking amniotic fluid is brownish-yellow, green, or any other color, the mother-to-be is advised show it to her physician and go to the hospital right away.

The mother-to-be is also advised to note down the color of the fluid and the time when the leaking began and tell her doctor about these details. In such cases, most physicians will usually deliver the baby within 24 hours in order to avoid infection risk.Nowadays, many over the counter products are available to test whether the fluid is urine or amniotic fluid. It is always recommended that one avail of these tests to ensure the health of the baby.

Since this was my first pregnancy, there’s still so much to learn, reminder to myself, do EXTRA observation if whenever najihah will have a brother… (^o^)


Anonymous said...

najihah kena induce kluar eek? i tak tau pun.

i read these cases sometimes happen when baby too big & mom too small for baby. so air ketumban leak out skit2 to make room for baby to grow.

tp if u have a good O&G taking care of u, during the last few weeks of pregnancy, dia dah leh determine the situation dah. but not all ada chance nak jumpa O&G kan, just gi clinic desa aje. so ur information ni mmg good for mom-to-be.

i dulu siap lekatkan checklist of moms condition on late trimester (among it color of discharge) kat fridge. so hubby pun tukang tanye soalan each time dia pegi fridge nak minum.

MaJoRiTy MaMa said... weight during the last trimester can cater a 3++ kg baby, but najiha was only 2.63 kg..tu yg 'i wonder' too. Bagus la cadangan mama miya tu..hehe.. I takde wat checlist, tp everytime review kitab pregnancy tu mesti explain kat hubby sekali.

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