Sunday, November 15, 2009

Fun games at the beach

Almost every weekend, this is where we will be,

Najihah seems to adore beach so much,every time we bring her to the beach, she would show the “yeah-I’m-excited-and-thrilled” leg kicking act

Since living in kemaman doesn’t give us much choice of entertainment, we choose to pack our things and spent the evening at the Monica Bay (Teluk Mak Nik), while eating keropok lekor and sata

a terengganu gurl... really love sata

Here are a few examples of fun games you could play with your child at the beach;

1-Bring along toy shovel and toy bucket and parents could show their child on how to scoop the sand

2-Let our child touch the sands, feel the texture, making balls of sands and laugh about it, but make sure it didn’t get into their eyes.

3-Parents could hold their child to play with the waves that reach the beach, make them wait for it and get excited whenever it arrives… I know they’ll like it because najihah do.

4-Try to catch little crabs or a moving sea shells, if possible together with your child and after that show them the catch while explaining about it.

After such a fun day and finally you were packing to leave and when you want to change the baby diaper try to rub baby powder or cornstarch onto their skin and the sand will magically comes off and as and ended bonus you’ll end up feeling fresh too.


Anonymous said...

dont forget proper sunscreen. nnt kena sunburn or at risk for skin cancer.

miya love to dig for shells, but she hates the ombak..dia takut..bunyi ombak garang.

MaJoRiTy MaMa said...

thanx mama miya, meant to to add up that info, masa wat posting last night,tp dah ngantuk sangat, anyway.. sunscreen mmg penting

Drama Mama said...

ala bestnya keropok lekor! lama tak makan. best jugak eh duduk tempat yang banyak beach ni, kitorang ni walaupon penang ada beach tapi jarang2 plak nak pi. tak berkesempatan plus my hubby malas skit nak lepak2 kat parks and beach ni tsk tsk tsk

MaJoRiTy MaMa said...

mmg rite now rainy seasons kat sini..da few weeks da tak lepak kat beach. nak makan kopok lekor mai la kemaman ni.. :)

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