Monday, January 11, 2010

Being Forgetful

Lately I’m having so much trouble by being an absent minded mommy. Sometimes, at the kitchen initially at the sink, I thought of taking out the fish from the freezer, when I reach the fridge ... I’m lost, I mean I just cannot remember what do I want to do, end up I bring out other things from the fridge.

I guess, being a mom... we always multitasking and happen to have so many to-do lists squirming in our mind that makes us forget few other details. I should not start the list here because if you are a mom like me, than you should know better.

I did a few reading and this is what I’ve found, I hope this info can help us mommies who’s facing the same problem as me.

Tips to strengthen the memory:
1-Enough sleep to rest our mind and body
2-Control the stress (Al-quran recitel, meditation, spa or aromatheraphy)
3-Be extra careful if you are taking any multivitamin or supplement (careful for side effect to our memory)
5-Learn something new (learn new language, learn to sew)
6-Read a lot (this can train sharpen our memory) - blogging, blogwalking->such a fruitfull hobby
7-Say repeatedly (if you want to remember something,ie:a a date, say it repeatedly and out loud until you can memorize it)
8-Focus (focus on one thing that you want to do)
9-play with numbers (train your mind spontaneously, ie: do mind calculation,count how many iron grills rod at the door or count how many tiles are there on your living room floor)
10-Keep a calendar or organizer so that you could jot down details whenever you were thinking about it in case you’ll forgot about it later on
11-If you are a muslim, recite Al Quran more, because not only it could calm the soul it also could sharpened the mind.

Food that can increase memory
6-Zam-zam water
7-carrot juice plus milk

**Try to practice this breathing exercise to increase Oxygen in our blood, inhale (with 7 counts) and exhale (with 14 counts). Repeat especially when you are feeling tired. try it, its great!

***oxygen is so important and that’s why we cannot cover our face when we are sleeping because the Carbon Dioxide that we exhale would accumulate, hence ruining our brain cells.

****I'm making my own conclusion, maybe I'm not being forgetful because of hormonal changes or what so ever, maybe its because i'm not being focus.. Too many multithinking and multitasking. So, I'll focus and practice more on my own tips.


Confession of a Coffeeholic Mama-Miya said...

i after being a mom, mmg ada benda kecik2 yg i lupa..benda yg important, alhamdulillah ok. maybe too much of information in my CPU...hahhaa..

i slalu lupa matikan api dapo/oven after cooking. i lupa jemur kain. kluar rumah lupa buang sampah. kluar rumah lupa pakai glasses. groceries, slalu ada aja lupa beli eventho bwk shopping list pegi kedai. ada pernah lupa kunci pintu bila masuk rumah. mujo la b4 tido check..huhuhu..

benda important cam bayar bill, pegi office nak check & claim duit tax, tak pernah lupa lak..hahahaa..

there are time i kluar rumah, br terpikir..did i bring this & slalu b4 tutup pintu tu, i akan scan dgn mata & otak, each room..making sure i tak lupa benda..

Lynn Nasir said...


takpe mila. mmg lepas beranak banyak urat putus..mungkin urat memori pun putus gak (?). hehe!

same experience here. lgpun dh makin berumur. kalau tak jaga mkn, mmg la menjadi2 pelupa tu. sy jdkan rutin utk buat mental list setiap pagi lps bangun tido dan ulang sebanyak mungkin senarai tu utk whole day tasks. it helps (^o^)

Dorothy Rimson said...

Nice Tips

Mila_ibu najihah said...

mama miya-sy pun pernah ni..dah duduk opis, tetiba tringat..da tutup api dapur ke belum? melompat amik kunci kereta pecut balik umah, sib baik da tutup,kalau tak..adehh..

lynn-mental list tu camne ek? sy slalu wat list dalam kepala, duk kata-jap lg nak catat..tang nak catat tu laa yg lupa terus..

dorothy- hi, thanks for dropping by

Lynn Nasir said...


mental list yg lynn buat mcm ni:

bismillah..ya Allah, aku ingin menyudahkan kerjaku pd hari ini. aku nak cuci kain-baju dulu, then nak masak lunch, mandikan anak dan akhir sekali nk kemas ruang tamu. ya Allah, perkenankanlah..

insyaallah beres. lg detail, lg bagus. niat seawal mungkin. ulang2 byk kali sambil settlekan mende yg 1st tu.

was2 dtg dr bisikan syaitan. bykkan beristighfar. bacalah ayat apa yg patut b4 kuar umah & b4 masuk umah. nak buat apa2 niat dulu..insyaallah.

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