Thursday, January 7, 2010


Najihah’s development.

Weight at 1 year and 5 months old:
10 kg (next jab on 26/1/2010)

12 (8 in front (4+4) and i molar on each gums)

Words development so far (as far as I can recall):
She can pronounce
-yah… ayah
-ibu… bu..bu..
-dah (sudah)
-dap (sedap)
-tuck (duck).. while pointing to it
-mamam (makan…ajaran sesat dari ibu dia la ni)
-nenen (nak susu… pun ajaran sesat ibu)
-fawwer (flower)
-ish (fish)
-yayen (lion)

Skills development / habit so far:
-running (terkedek-kedek style)

-climbing stairs

-she can help me pass cloths or CD for laundry

-do acrobats on her toy ride car.. ie:Standing on the seat

-very good imitator… ie: if my hubby mimics a penguin walking, she can copycat the act and makes us burst out laughing

-Diehard fan of Baby Einstein – Thanks to mama miya’s article about Baby Einstein

-She can point to the correct picture in her board books when I ask her too..Not all,but she’s getting there

-if she poo poo, she would tell us.. Well, after she poo poo, by tepuk-tepuk her CD or nappy

-a habit-she loves to peek a boo to any people when she sees them cover their face

ie:my BIL came to my house, when his wife put on her tudong (the ekin type) I don’t realized najihah was watching her right until najihah suddenly says ‘’bbaaa’’ (the peek a boo style).

ie:We’re taking a bath together, when I rinse off my face after the facewash, she would wait until our eyes meet and says..’’bbaaa’

-she can throw away rubbish on the rubbish bin by herself, but only after we ask her to..

-her hobby;Read her board books while konon-konon pronouncing words (mimic her ibu la tu) and sometimes she’s reading in such concentration like there’s an exam tomorrow

-Salam cium tangan

-can point to her body parts like,nose,mouth,teeth,kaki,tangan, fingers,head,eyes etc

Actually there are a few more, but I just could not recall. By the way, I’m posting this just for my very own interest.Thanks for viewing anyway..hehehe


Lynn Nasir said...

haha..kiutnye najihah. baik2 ye..kang dia tiru mende lain kang..hehe!

Confession of a Coffeeholic Mama-Miya said...

bravo bravo!! syukur alhamdulillah...

wah wah, boleh tahan berat anak dara ni, dekat dgn berat miya..

Mila_ibu najihah said...

Lynn-kami slalu berhati2 InsyaAllah, mata mesti snts tajam..hehe..thanks 4 the reminder dear

mama miya-terima kasih.Alhamdulillah. Fyi actually,berat najihah cuma naik 200gm je dr cek up sblm ni, masa 1thn 3 bulan.Syukurlah, kurang2 naik juga sikit..hehe.

miss nina said...

najihah ni cepat belajar kan?
mummy najihah ni very clever la.. teaching a young child is not an easy task right?

Mila_ibu najihah said...

ayakk..missnina,i think this is more or less a standard development for baby her age la , but I do try my best to teach and encourage her.Thanks 4 the visit yaa.

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