Thursday, February 18, 2010

Hot Mama’s Hairstyle


Ever wonder what’s the right hairstyle for you?
Even though we wear tudung, but the fact is we do show off our precious crown in front of our dearest husband right? So, there’s nothing wrong in having a fashionable haircuts... to impress that one guy and elevate our self esteem.

First off all we should know what our face shapes are

Oval? Round? square? Heart shape? Triangular? Search on this site;

Then only after that we could pick the most suitable hairstyle for our kind of face shape. This site also shows the right and wrong hairstyle for those particular shapes.

The fun side of this site is this, the Virtual hairstyle. Kind of like a 10 year old game, but maybe it could give us on some idea on how to style our hair or maybe just get the celebrities haircut?? Who knows?

Ok… mommies, take your time off and heads off to the nearest hair saloon (^_^)


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