Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Lets Learn How To Throw A Tantrum

This is so funny and cute and mostly related to parents.
see tantrums from the eye of our child...nngeee.. luv it!


temp. housewife said...

hihihi so cute.

Lynn Nasir said...


when auni or muaz throwing tantrum, i just let them be like that for a minute or two. them i hug them tightly and say it clearly that it's wrong and they cannot have whatever they want at the moment. sometimes i did put them in a room to cool off, after one or two mins later get them out and theyl'll be the angels again. no more tantrum..haha..evil mommy >:p

Intan said...

Alalaaaa cute nyo itu budak :D

Mila_ibu najihah said...

K.Nur- mmg kihut..

Lynn-rasanya dlm Nanny 911 ada camtu kan..duduk la c anak kat Thinking chair.. nnti nk try sumer resepi ibu2 mengawal tantrum anak2. at the moment sy cuma try let her be dulu or alih her attention to other activities. paling penting mak2 nye kena la byk sabar kan-orang kata-tak makan saman..hehe

Intan- Bnyak lagi siri Ask A toddler ni, that girl mmg adorable kan..:)

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