Thursday, May 20, 2010

Akaun macam ni pun ada??

Nobody can deny that maybe food, drink, scent or even certain song can take us back … wayyyyy back to certain memory/memories. This element will recall and triggered our brain cell to search and open the drawer of our past memory.

For example, if I listen to malay rock song or so called rock kapak song, I will surely or should I say just feel the warmth of being in my late grandma’s house. Not that she played that song, but during that time every school day we will stay there and during that period rock kapak was a hit..Rock kapak pun bukanya ada head banging kan..jiwang-jiwang je..Ekamatra, Wings..huhu

There is one tone in my late Nokia phone, it’s for the incoming SMS. Nowadays, when I heard this tone, I’ll remember or will be drifted away to the feeling when me and my husband was still in a boyfriend and girlfriend stage.. You got what I mean? You know..When you just can’t let go of your mobile because you’re afraid he will sms or call you?? or the sound of  incoming SMS that makes your heart pumping faster..hoping that its Him whom are SMSing,  hehe...☺☺☺

Today I found this facebook account, this person surely wants to keep his /her past live forever..hehe..

So, care to share your past memory and the triggers here? ♥♥♥♥


miss nina said...

hehehe... saya nak join la akaun tu.
i'm milo girl :)

Diyana Zulkifli said...

nak join tp malu.boleh?hihi

Mila_ibu najihah said...

miss nina- sila..sila.. :)

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